past workshop

Machaut with Mary Springfels

On January 23, from 3:00-4:30PM, the VdGS-NE will present the next in our series of online special topic workshops: a special presentation by Mary Springfels on the canons in Machaut’s Lai de la fontaine. 

These canons, called chaces, are wonders of beauty and intricacy. As it happens, they fit perfectly on the tenor viol. We will play all 6 of them, explore Machaut’s musical language, and discuss the lai’s technical and rhythmic challenges.

This workshop is for intermediate and advanced players and will be ideal for tenors; bass and treble players are on their own for this one, register at your discretion. Pitch is A=440.  For more information, consult the workshop flyer. The registration deadline is (Jan. 16).

As previously, the fee for the workshop is $15. If this poses a challenge for you, contact our treasurer.

Register online here.