New Fantasias for viols by Tom Kurz

It seems like most of the fantasias for viols that were written during the renaissance have been found and published. Do you sometimes wish that more music had been composed for viols?? I have attempted to create new music with the same style and feel as the old music. Click on the above link, print a copy of the music for yourself, and play it with friends.

J.S. Bach Two Part Inventions – Adapted for Bass Viol by Tom Kurz

Bach’s Two Part Inventions may be the most famous duets in history, duets for the two hands of a single keyboard player.  To arrange them for two bass viols I’ve liberally transposed whole pieces and passages within by an octave.  Sometimes I’ve changed the key signature.  I’ve kept the original note values, but when my wife and I play them we use an eighth note as the tactus/pulse.  These pieces will work at whatever speed you feel comfortable. Click on the link above to find Inventions 1-15.