About Us

About the VdGS-NE

The Viola da Gamba Society – New England is a chapter of the Viola da Gamba Society of America (VdGSA).  It supports the aims of the VdGSA, with special attention to viola da gamba activities in New England. These aims are to promote interest in the Viola da Gamba through educational and artistic programs such as workshops, lectures, master classes, and concerts.

With members in all six New England states, as well as New York, New Jersey, and eastern Canada, the VdGS-NE is dedicated to promoting viol playing and related activities in the New England area. From the “First Gathering” in 1976, workshops have formed the backbone of the program of the Viola Da Gamba Society – New England. Three one-day workshops a year, led by master coaches, allow members to explore the viol literature through the music of an individual composer or of a particular repertoire or style, or to focus on specific aspects of viol consort playing.

The Society has also sponsored concerts and masterclasses, and a series of mini-classes on topics of special or scholarly interest. To reach new audiences for the viola da gamba, the Society has established the Gian Lyman Silbiger grants – annual awards for the performance of music for voices and viols in a church, synagogue, or concert setting. (See “Programs”)

VdGS-NE activities also include a newsletter, scholarships, classes for beginners at every workshop, and occasional special coaches’ seminars where teachers can explore issues of viol pedagogy. “Musick Meetings” sponsored by the Society provide an opportunity for viol students throughout the region to play for each other.

VdGS-NE Board

Anne Legene – President

Rosalind Stowe – Vice President

Martha Davidson – Recording Secretary

Martha Davidson – Corresponding Secretary

Sybil Kevy – Treasurer

Hannah Davison – Newsletter Editor

Past Presidents:

Listed here are some of the names of those who have served as President of the Viola da Gamba Society – New England in the past, many of which you may recognize as very active and well known within the Early Music community:
Janet Haas, Rosalind Stowe, Joan Boorstein,  Hannah Davidson, Martha Davidson, Michael Hamill, Tracy Hoover, Carol Lewis, Ruth Markowitz, Chester Pearlman.