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February Workshop: “Make your Viol Sing” with Tina Chancey

On Saturday February 27, from 3:00-4:30PM, the VdGS-NE will present the next in our series of online special topic workshops: a presentation by Tina Chancey entitled “Make your viol sing.”

Tina writes: “For centuries, the ideal was to sound as much as possible like a human voice. The voice is the most personal of sound generators and the most direct; it’s also the only one to merge music and words. In this class, our goal will be to make our viol sing like a voice. We’ll work on shaping lines, linking articulations, crafting a phrase, emphasizing dissonance, enjoying rhythmic play, and manipulating energy. The core of our class repertoire will be two English lute songs: “Follow thy Fair Sun” and “I Care not for these Ladies.” Before the class, you’ll receive scores and MP3 accompaniments to learn the songs at home; then we’ll experiment in the class.”

NOTE: This workshop will be at A-415. The provided music will only be in treble clef (down an octave for basses).

For more information please consult the Workshop flyer.

As previously, the fee for the workshop is $15. If this poses a challenge for you, contact our treasurer. The signup deadline is February 20.

Register online here.