Announcing the Martha Davidson Scholarship Fund



Martha is a founding member of VdGS-NE and has attended board meetings since the very first meeting in 1976. She has played many significant roles on the local board, as well as on the national board (member 1989-1990). This past September the VdGS-NE board and other supporters organized a gathering in Martha’s honor. We enjoyed a potluck lunch together, viol playing, tributes to Martha, and announcement of the Martha Davidson Scholarship Fund. This fund will support workshop attendance and/or viol rental for local viol players in need of assistance. (To inquire about applying for assistance, go to “Contact Us” and send an email to the president or treasurer.) We have already raised over $1000, and hope to add to it as the months and years go by.  The scholarhsip fund has been added as an option on our donations page. See “Support Us”.