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VdGS-NE Winter Workshop 2020

The VdGS-NE Winter 2020 workshop English Composers on the Continent took place at Brandeis University on January 25,2020.

The original promotional material follows:

Music directors James Williamson will participants through music associated with English composers who for various professional and personal reasons made their careers on the continent. Many of these musicians published music in German sources. One such collection is the Auserlesener Paduanen und Galliarden published by Christian Hildebrand, containing music by Dowland (in different arrangements from those he himself published), Holborne, and Brade. In addition to this repertoire we will also look at music by English Catholic composers who moved to the continent to openly practice their faith. Our workshop will look at this wide swathe of music by and in response to English composers who, for whatever reason, decided that the grass was greener on the other side of the North Sea. 

Everyone will get a chance to play some Pavans and Galliards, but that’s not all that will be on offer. There will be a class looking at sacred music by Phillips and Dering, and we will also offer fantasias by Dering. In addition to sacred music, Phillips also wrote a large number of madrigals. John Dowland’s music was well-known all over Europe, and we will look at some of his songs which were especially popular there.

We’ll start the day with a lecture demo giving an overview of the historical context with musical examples played by the faculty.

The faculty will be the director James Williamson along with Sarah Mead, Karen Burciaga, and David Miller. Hannah Davidson will coordinate classes for beginners.

To sign up complete the REGISTRATION FORM and mail a check for your tuition and any donation to:

c/o Sybil Kevy
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As always, complete information on the workshop is available in the flyer linked at the top of the page.