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VdGS-NE Fall Workshop 2019

The VdGS-NE  Fall 2019 workshop Mostly Maximilian took place at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley MA on Sunday, October 20, 2019. The registration deadline is September 28, 2019.

Co-directors Robert Eisenstein and Jane Hershey will lead participants through music that was heard and played at the court of Maximilian I in Vienna in the early sixteenth century. Maximilian’s realm was that loose and quarrelsome confederation of German states, secessionist Netherlandish provinces, principalities, fiefdoms, and virtually independent city-states known as the Holy Roman Empire. Maximilian managed before his death in 1519 to amass perhaps the greatest establishment of composers, singers, and instrumentalists Europe had seen to date. Prominently featured will be works by the two stars of Maximilian’s chapel, Heinrich Isaac and Ludwig Senfl, with additional instrumental works, songs and some of the great liturgical works by Heinrich Finck, Thomas Stolzer, and the court organist Paul Hofhaimer–gorgeous music that works wonderfully well for viols and voices. We’ll start the day with a brief introduction to the musical scene at Maximilian’s court in Vienna illustrated with musical examples provided by Arcadia Viols.

The faculty will be Arcadia Viols: Robert Eisenstein, Jane Hershey, Alice Robbins, and Anne Legêne with special guest Stephanie Council Director of Choral Activities at Mount Holyoke, who will join us as a vocal coach. Hannah Davidson and Laurie Rabut will lead classes for beginners.

To sign up complete the Workshop Registration Form and mail a check for your tuition and any donation to:

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If you need or can provide a ride from greater Boston to Mt. Holyoke, please fill out the Ride Form.

As always, complete information on the workshop is available in the flyer linked at the top of the page.