New Fantasias for viols by Tom Kurtz

Newly composed Fantasias for viols by Tom Kurz   Note from Tom: “It seems like most of the fantasias for viols that were written during the renaissance have been found and published. Do you sometimes wish that more music had been composed for viols?? The music below is an attempt to create new music with the same style and feel as the old music. It is music written for viols by a long time viol player. Print a copy of the music for yourself, and play it with friends. I hope that you enjoy it. If you come back to this page in the future there will be more music available. You can write me about what you liked about the music (or didn’t like) at”

Fantasia # 9 for 5 viols, score and parts:

Fant9a5Score  Fant9FivePt1  Fant9FivePt2  Fant9FivePt3  Fant9FivePt4  Fant9FivePt5

Fantasia #1 for 5 viols, score and parts:

Fant1a5Score  Fant1FivePt1  Fant1FivePt2  Fant1FivePt3  Fant1FivePt4  Fant1FivePt5

Fantsia Trio #1, score and parts:

Trio1Score   Trio1Treble  Trio1Tenor  Trio1.bass