Digital offerings from area viol players

During the pandemic many performers have been exploring the world of digital content in order to keep performing. This page features both full length performances and YouTube videos.

Concert by Lyricle

James Peretta, viol and Ashley Mulcahey voice perform their own arrangements of Italian Madrigals.

Concert by Seven Times Salt

Our friends at Seven Times Salt: Karen Burciaga, Dan Meyers, Matthew Wright, David Miller, with Michael Barrett, Agnes Coakley-Cox, and Nathaniel Cox made this offering for the 2020 SoHIP series. Check out their website for more digital content.

YouTube Playlists and videos:

James Williamson and Anna de Bakker have periodically made multitrack videos of themselves performing polyphony on voices and viols. The music is largely taken from Byrd’s Gradualia. Come for Byrd and stay for the occasional feline interruptions!

James Perreta is very versatile and has also made this arrangement of some classic video game music for viol!