Viol Classes and Instrument Rentals at Powers Music School

Powers Music School, founded by VdGS-NE founder Ellen Powers, remains a center for Boston area viol activities, offering both private lessons and coached consorts with Jane Hershey. Several classes meet weekly during the year at various levels including consorts for experienced players, and and an ensemble skills class for those who want development in the necessary skills for playing the viol in a group. For more information on classes and lessons, including times and tuition consult the school’s website.

Furthermore, Powers rents all sizes of viol at very reasonable prices, though preference is given to Powers students. The minimum rental term is 3 months and terms may begin at any time of year. The instrument collection of 21 viols is kept well maintained and monetary donations for maintenance are always gratefully accepted. In addition, donations of viols, bows, and cases in good condition are also always accepted. For more information, including the most up to date pricing, visit their rental website.

To inquire about openings for classes or renting an instrument, don’t hesitate to contact the school by calling 617-484-4696 0r emailing the office. The school is located at 380 Concord Ave. in Belmont MA.