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VdGS-NE May workshop – Trios with Ros Morley and Larry Lipnik

On Saturday May 8, 2021 from 3:00-4:30, the VdGS-NE presents its next special topics workshop entitled: “What Strikes the Clock.” The guest presenters are Ros Morley and Larry Lipnik. 

The presenters write: “With characteristic 16th-century compositional playfulness, Edward Gibbons, older brother of Orlando, is author of a trio whose cantus firmus is the imagined bell of a clock, striking the hours of the day as it outlines a scale. This piece inspires a session of trio playing in which the repertoire touches on a century of English music, from Henry VIII’s Songbook to music that might have been played by the Princes Charles and Henry, sons of James I.  Larry Lipnik and Ros Morley are among lucky vaccinated viol players, providing them an opportunity to offer near life-like experience of playing trios over Zoom. Together in a room with good acoustics and an excellent microphone, they will provide two parts of chronologically presented trios; participants play the missing third part.  All sizes of viol are welcome; in “Round Robin” style, each piece will be played 2 or 3 times so all can join in.  The repertoire includes music by Byrd, Edward and Orlando Gibbons, Bevan, Holborne, Lupo, Coprario, and Anonymous.”

Parts will be provided for bass, tenor, and treble instruments. Pitch: A=415

For more information please consult the workshop flyer.

As previously, the fee for the workshop is $15. If this poses a challenge for you, contact our treasurer. The registration deadline is April 30.

Zoom links and musical examples will be emailed to participants upon successful registration.

Register online here.

NB: After the workshop, the society’s annual meeting will occur. The new board members will be announced and Sybil Kevy will give a treasurer’s report.