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Here is a list of our past Workshops

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Date Apr 21, 1985 Start Time 12:00AM End Time 12:00AM

For many years, the VdGS-NE has offered three one-day workshops per year. Click on this link to see a list of workshops held in the past, starting with spring 2017.

Getting out of Hand: Expressive Chromaticism on the Viol: Music Director – Sarah Mead, Coordinator – Sybil Kevy —

The Rat Pack – Cranford, Coprario, Ives, Peerson, and Ward: Music Director – Loren Ludwig, Coordinator – Janet Haas —

On the Hexachord: Music Director – Wendy Gillespie   Coordinators – Hannah Davidson and James Williamson —

English Reactions to the Italian Madrigal: Music Director – James Williamson  Coordinator – Alastair Thompson —

Ballet des Dieux: Royal Consorts from Renaissance France (1520-1643): Workshop Organizers – Carol Lewis and Chris Henriksen, Coordinator – Sybil Kevy
Coaches: Carol Lewis, Chris Henriksen, Janet Haas and Sarah Mead —

The English Invasion: The influence of British Composers in North Germany in the Early 17th Century:     Music Director: Patricia Ann Neely
Coordinator: Hannah Davidson
Coaches: Carol Lewis, Alice Robbins —

The Dow Part Books                                                                  Music Directors: Jane Hershey and Hannah Davidson
Coordinator:    Sybil Kevy

Motets (and Masses) On Viols                                                 Music Director: Loren Ludwig
Coordinators:    Joan Boorstein
Featuring Wendy Gillespie, Larry Lipnik, Loren Ludwig, ZoeWeiss

Articulation                                                                                 Music Director: Tina Chancey
Coordinators:    Martha Davidson and Ben Torrey

Crossing Over Ibero-America”                                                Workshop Organizer: Laury Gutierrez
Coordinator: Hannah Davidson

The Publishers – Music for Viols from Printed Sources   Music Director: Roland Hutchinson
Coordinators:    Anne Legene and Ben Torrey

Six Part Consorts – Music of Lupo and Ferrabosco             Music Director Lucy Bardo
Coordinator: Sybil Kevy

Les Amours de Mai Consorts from the Age of Ronsard     Music Director: Lisa Terry
Local Coordinator: Anne Legêne

“New Old Music”                                                                         Music Director:Wendy Gillespie
Local Coordinator: Sybil Kevy

Mirror of the World: Consort Music in Germany 1575 – 1650            Music Directors: Carol Lewis and Chris Henriksen
Coordinators: Anne Legêne and Hannah Davidson

The Early English Viol Enters The Court Of Henry VIII     Music Director: Laura Jeppesen
Coordinator: Betsy Bayer