Viola da Gamba Society - New England Winter Workshop 2011

Viol Player
Viola da Gamba Society—New England
Winter Workshop 2011

Quaver Viol Consort Presents
Fed only on Aire:
The Glory of the “Late” Consort

Slosberg Music Building
Brandeis University, Waltham MA
Sunday, February 6, 2011
Registration Deadline: January 8, 2011 

Music Director: Loren Ludwig
Hannah Davidson & Rosalind Stowe

While most viol players know and love the wonderful consort music from the reigns of King James (1603-25) and his son
Charles I (1625-49), a repertoire populated by crowds of great composers like Coprario, Gibbons, Lupo, Jenkins, and Lawes,
many consort enthusiasts are less familiar with the music composed later in the century. Purcell, Locke, and Hingeston,
certainly, are household names, but there is beautiful and accessible music by others as well, including Benjamin Rogers,
Christopher Simpson (the division virtuoso who also composed consort music!), William Young, John "Dr." Blow, Nicholas
Lanier, etc. This "late" consort music reflects the cultural and musical upheaval of the Civil War and its aftermath, and draws
on the tunefulness of French aires and the drama of music for opera. Come explore this engaging and little-known music in a
workshop led by Quaver viol consort (Marie Dalby, Loren Ludwig, Tobi Szuts, and Brady Lanier). There will be lots of
beautiful (and in some cases fresh-from-the-archives) consort music for players of all levels and a lecture demonstration by
the members of Quaver. As usual, a beginners class will be offered, and preformed consorts are welcome.

Please select from the offerings below; we will do our best to place you in a compatible consort

___Trios of William Young: Explore the delightful trio music of William Young (c.1610-1662). Each of these pieces is a
veritable smorgasbord of moods and styles--from suave bell-like pavan openings, to bouncy sections in triple meter and
more. Instrumentation is Tr, T, B (or Tr, B, B; if a bass is willing to play a tenor line--it's very doable as such). UI - A
[taught by Marie]

___Crazy Consorts by Cranford!: Enter the bizarre harmonic landscape of William Cranford (d. circa 1645?), who wrote 4,
5, and 6 part consorts that bend the mind and ear. UI-A [Marie and Tobi]

___Hingeston Trios for 3 Basses: Come explore these charming, tuneful suites for three equally matched basses. I-A (must
be able to read treble clef for top 2 parts) [taught by Brady]

___Instrumental & Vocal Works of Nicholas Lanier: Known for his evocative solo songs, Lanier also wrote instrumental
music for the theatre, as well as part songs for three voices. Explore this music with one of the composer's living
descendants! 1. Enrollment: 3 or 6 – Tr, T, B (doublers welcome) LI - UI [taught by Brady]

___Music for the Restoration Theater: Enjoy some of the fun and tuneful music composed by Lully, John Blow, and
Henry Purcell to accompany their operas. Four-part textures, doubling welcome! Any level welcome, recommended for LI-I
[taught by Loren]

___Playford and beyond!: Fiddle music for viols. Come learn and play some fiddle tunes on your viol! John Playford
published several collections of tunes during the second half of the 17th century, a style that would develop in the British
Isles and be brought across the ocean to take root in New England, Appalachia, and elsewhere. We will learn tunes by ear and
from notation. All levels welcome. [taught by Loren]

___The Little and Flatt Consorts: These intimate dance suites by Matthew Locke (1621-1677) express beautifully the style
of new dance forms such as Sarabandes and Courants, while also reflecting back on older dances like the Pavan. For 3
players, Tr, T, B doubling possible, possible from lower intermediate to advanced.

Re: your level for the instrument(s) you wish to play:

(For help with rating your playing level, please visit the VdGSA Self Rating Guide.)

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