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Viola da Gamba Society - New England Workshops

Topics of Past Viola da Gamba Society - New England workshops, starting with the most recent;

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Presenter(s) / Artist(s)

Getting out of Hand: Expressive Chromaticism on the Viol Music Director: Sarah Mead
Coordinator: Sybil Kevy
The Rat Pack* - Cranford, Coprario, Ives, Peerson and Ward Music Director: Loren Ludwig
Coordinator: Janet Haas
On The Hexichord Music Director: Wendy Gillespie
Coordinators: Hannah Davidson and James Williamson,
English Reactions to the Italian Madrigal Music Director: James Williamson
Coordinator: Alastair Thompson
Ballet des Dieux: Royal Consorts from Renaissance France (1520-1643) Workshop Organizers: Carol Lewis and Chris Henriksen
Coordinator: Sybil Kevy
Coaches: Carol Lewis, Chris Henriksen, Janet Haas and Sarah Mead
The English Invasion
The influence of British Composers in North Germany in the Early 17th Century
Music Director: Patricia Ann Neely
Coordinator: Hannah Davidson
Coaches: Carol Lewis, Alice Robbins
The Dow Part Books Music Directors: Jane Hershey and Hannah Davidson
Coordinator:    Sybil Kevy
Motets (and Masses) On Viols Music Director: Loren Ludwig
Coordinators:    Joan Boorstein
Featuring Wendy Gillespie, Larry Lipnik, Loren Ludwig, ZoeWeiss
Articulation Music Director: Tina Chancey
Coordinators:    Martha Davidson and Ben Torrey
Crossing Over Ibero-America" Workshop Organizer: Laury Gutierrez
Coordinator: Hannah Davidson
The Publishers - Music for Viols from Printed Sources Music Director: Roland Hutchinson
Coordinators:    Anne Legene and Ben Torrey
Six Part Consorts - Music of Lupo and Ferrabosco Music Director Lucy Bardo
Coordinator: Sybil Kevy
Les Amours de Mai Consorts from the Age of Ronsard
Music Director: Lisa Terry
Local Coordinator: Anne Legêne
“New Old Music” Music Director:Wendy Gillespie
Local Coordinator: Sybil Kevy
Mirror of the World: Consort Music in Germany 1575 - 1650 Music Directors: Carol Lewis and Chris Henriksen
Coordinators: Anne Legêne and Hannah Davidson

The Early English Viol Enters The Court Of Henry VIII Music Director: Laura Jeppesen
Coordinator: Betsy Bayer
Quaver Viol Consort Presents: "Fed only on Aire:
The Glory of the “Late” Consort"
Music Director: Loren Ludwig
Coordinators: Hannah Davidson & Rosalind Stowe
Fretwork Presents:Robert Parsons and the Elizabethan Era Music Directors: Richard Boothby & Sarah Mead
Coordinator: Sybil Kevy
"Siehe, dein Vater: Music for Voices and Viols by 17th Century German Composers" Music Directors: Martins Aldins & Hannah Davidson
Coordinator: Betsy Bayer
"The Music of Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder" Music director: Alison Crum
Local coordinator: June Matthews
"Wellesley - Bridging the Centuries: Music for Voices and Viols"
Music Directors: Laura Jeppesen &Wendy Gillespie
Coordinator: Sybil Kevy
"BYRD IN HIS TIME - Music of William Byrd Music Director: Wendy Gillespie
Coordinator:Sybil Kevy
"INTRO TO ImPrO" - a full-day workshop centering on improvisation Music Director: Tina Chancey
Coordinator:Martha Davidson
"Teacher's Choice" - Coaches doing what they love and do best!  Music Directors: Sarah Mead & Rosalind Stowe
Coordinator: Betsy Bayer
"Suprising Contemporaries - Purcell, Schenk and Marais (and some predecessors) " Music Director: Lucy Bardo
Coordinator: Hannah Davidson
"Jenkins Jam" Music Director: Jane Hershey
Coordinator: Hannah Davidson
Once More, With Lyrics - A workshop built around tunes that every viol player ought to know Music Director: Roland Hutchinson
Coordinators: Phyllis Klein and John Prichard with special appearance by
The Alamire Consort
: Robert Stibler, cornetto and recorders
Mindy McMahon, brayed harp and voice
Paul Merrill, tenor sackbut and recorders
Peter Urquhart, tenor viol
Emily Urquhart, bass viol
"Joining Forces - Italian Music for Viols and Brass
(also low recorders & reeds!)"
Music Directors: Sarah Mead, Greg & Kris Ingles, guests
Local Coordinator: Bonnie Rogers
"English Domestic Music from
Thomas More to Samuel Pepys
Consorts for Family and Friends"
Hannah and Martha Davidson
Sarah Mead, Consultant
"The Classical Viol" Roland Hutchinson
"Rex Splendens: Viols at the Court of Christian IV" Carol Lewis and Olav Chris Henriksen
"Viol Styles in English Consort Music" Bruce Bellingham
"If Music and Sweet Poetry Agree" Margaret Panofsky and Mary Anne Ballard
"Adventurous Music Old and New for Viol Consort" Judith Davidoff and Jane Hershey
"Jenkins Fest" Lucy Bardo
"Exploring the Antipodes" Tina Chancey and Jane Hershey
"Music from the Tregian Manuscript" Alison Crum

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