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Museums with Viol Collections

Orpheon Foundation Museuam of Historical Instruments

Literature on the Viol and Viol Music:

"Ferrabosco Fantasias - Stylistic Observations" - by Bruce Bellingham


Amherst Early Music  - the largest and most comprehensive teaching music festival for historical performance in the world. Held at Bennington College, Vermont, for two weeks in July, programs include Recorder, Viol, Voice, Baroque Strings, Harpsichord, Reeds, Brass, Lute, Harp and Historical Dance;

 Early Music America  - serves the early music community in North America and raises public awareness of early music through the offering of a concert calendar, festivals and workshop listings, instrument builder contacts, and more.

 Viola da Gamba Society of America  - Events, publications, points of contact, viol rental, information for all gamba enthusiasts!

 Viola da Gamba Society of New England  - Viola da Gamba Workshops, Events, Newsletter, Points of contact, Information about all things Gamba in the New England area!

The British Viola da Gamba Society

The Viola da Gamba Society of France

The Boston Early Music Festival  - Ongoing Early Music and related events in the Boston/New England area!

New England Early Music Calendar  - concerts and events happening in the New England area.

Cambridge Society for Early Music  - Committed to making the great and wonderful music of our past a continuing source of enrichment for our present, offering remarkable concerts, as well as sponsoring Award programs to encouraging young performers to seek professional careers and to pursue excellence in the field of early music, as well as honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to musical culture.

Consorts, Musical Performers, Great Music!!!:

Alison Crum  - one of the best known British exponents of the viol!

Ensemble Soleil  - Performs beautiful viol consort music, giving concerts, multimedia theatrical events, trio performances and more - all on period instruments and authentic modern copies.

Les Voix Humaines - SUSIE NAPPER & MARGARET LITTLE, Viola da Gamba duo - Les Voix Humaines are renowned for their spectacular arrangements of a wide variety of music for two viols and their brilliant performances of contemporary music commissioned by the duo. Read more...

Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks -  Fantastic Solo Gamba Player - his website!!

Early Music Publishers:

RipMeister Publications: Offers music that players want to see published. This includes new music for viol, period music that is out of print or hard to find, adaptations in the spirit of period performance practice, and some things just for fun. RipMeister.Com strives to present clear, readable, performance editions with background information.

Early Music Stores and Dealers in Items of Interest to the Early Music Community:

 Boulder Early Music Shoppe  - Sheet music, instruments, and many other things "Viol";

Von Huene Workshop, Inc - The Early Music Shop of New England - sheet music, accessories and instruments
by all makers of historical woodwinds, strings and keyboards

Sources for Viol Strings and Accessories, Etc:

Boston Catlines
Olav Chris Henricksen - Strings for Viols and other historical instruments;
34 Newbury Street
Somerville, MA 02144 USA
Phone: (617) 776-8688

Damian Dlugolecki, Stringmaker - Strings for viols, violin family, and other instruments;

 Gamut Strings - Strings for Viol and other Early Stringed Instruments;

 AquilaUSA  - Fine Quality Gut Strings for Viol and other Early Stringed Instruments;

Instrument Makers and Dealers:

Warren Ellison  - Viol and other Stringed Instrument maker, Restoration, and Repairs ; located in Williston, Vermont

Daniel Larson  - Period Stringed Instrument Maker;

Lazar's Early Music - Quality Instruments to fit your needs!
Including Wendy's Viols (Lu-Mi), Ogle viols, vielles, bows, strings, accessories
425 N. Whisman Rd., Suite 200
Mountain View, CA 94043 (Map)
(866) 511-2981 toll free
(650) 938-5367 local
(408) 705-1960 fax
0011 1 (650) 938-5367 international phone
0011 1 (408) 705-1960 international fax

William Monical - Baroque and Modern Instrument Repair, Restoration; Dealer in Instruments, Bows and Accessories;   Appraisals, Gut Strings;
288 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, New York 10301
(718) 816-7878
Fax: (718) 816-7711

Toby Rzepka - Luthier; Viol Maker, also maker of Guitars and other instruments!
Portland, Maine

Linda Shortridge - Email:

Bow Makers:

 Pieter Affourtit   -  Beautiful baroque and classical era style bows, hand made according to the highest professional standards and tested on stage; Located in the Netherlands;

 H.F. Grabenstein  -  wonderful Viol and other Period bows, as well as modern bows; Located in Williston, Vermont;

 Steve Marvin  - Period Bow maker located in Toronto, Canada;

 Ralph Ashmead  - Located in Tuolumne, California; His bows have been featured in Strad Magazine!;

 Christopher English  - Period Bow maker in Port Townsend, WA;

 David Van Edwards  -  Offers a wide range of early style bows at reasonable prices; David is also a Lute Maker; Located in Norwich, England;

Other Important Resources:

 Tying Viol Fret Knots  - Gamut Music, Inc. - well known early bowed and plucked instrument maker Dan Larson offers this page on viol fret tying.

 How to Tie Fret Knots  - David Van Edwards of Norwich, England also has a page on this subject. David is a lute maker, and bow maker as well.

 David Van Zandt's Period Bowmakers List - David Van Zandt is a Bowed String Instrument Maker from Seattle, Washington who has compiled really useful links of Instrument Makers, Bowmakers, Stringmakers, and more! Check them out!

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