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Application for Gian Lyman Silbiger Grant – 2017-2018

Deadline for application: June 1, 2017. Notification by July 1, 2017

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This grant of seven hundred dollars ($700) is available to the successful applicant to pay for the services of a viol consort for the performance of music with soloists or choir. Six hundred dollars ($600) of the grant may be divided among the players at the discretion of the viol player/organizer and is intended only for the performers’ honoraria. An additional $100 is designated for the viol player/organizer (click Here to view accompanying duties). It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to provide an additional $30 per player as an honorarium for travel expenses, payable in one lump sum to the Treasurer of the VdGS-NE, who will in turn disperse it along with the fee for each player, to be paid at the time of the event. The grant should be used between Sept. 1, 2017 and Aug 31, 2018. The Selection Committee reserves the right not to make an award when insufficient or inadequate proposals are received.

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